Fri, 25th of April

obligatory draw-male-cartoon-characters-in-kpop-outfits fanart

Fri, 25th of April

remember that superhero oc of mine that i arted a little last year haha yeah me too

Wed, 23rd of April

i’m taking forever to complete bbb35's prompt but i will get it done (hopefully within the next few days) but for now have a sloppy sleepy ben

Mon, 21st of April

blaze it i guess hide me like an easter egg

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Mon, 21st of April

i really miss him

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Fri, 18th of April

can’t get enough of these two

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Wed, 16th of April

~bonus~ i had to ok orz

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Wed, 16th of April

i need the actual song to be out like rn

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Tue, 15th of April

letting my block b playlist blast through my headphones and i somehow ended up with this ┐(ԾДԾ;;)┌

Sat, 12th of April

very little omniverse rook/ben doodles over the pass few days god i fucking love this show ;alsjkd

Fri, 4th of April

when was the last time i did proper doodles i’m actually satisfied with these two

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Wed, 26th of March

my aobabu bb

Sat, 15th of March

doodly doos bleh

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Wed, 12th of March

i fucking hate house lizards

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Tue, 11th of March

i swear that it’s ~*DELICIOUS*~

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